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Born June 28, 1703, at Epworth, Lincolnshire, England. 15th of 19 siblings. Father: Anglican minister. Raised Anglican. Schooled through Oxford University. Childhood distinctions: righteous, bookish. Both parents lived into adulthood. 1709 almost died in rectory fire. 1714 entered Charterhouse school in London. 1720 entered Oxford. 1724 graduated Oxford. 1725 ordained deacon. 1726 Fellow at Oxford. 1727 ordained priest. 1729 joined brother Charles' Holy Club (derisively called 'Methodists'). 1735 began 55-year journal. 1736 in America (with Charles) to serve Georgia colony, published (with Charles) hymnal. 1737 fled America. 1738 'infilling of the Holy Spirit' experience (London), visited Moravians in Germany. 1739 in Bristol first field preached, formed Methodist societies. 1740 opened Foundry chapel at (London) 1741 broke with George Whitefield over predestination, approved lay preaching for Methodists. 1744 first Methodist conference, scathing speech at Oxford. 1747 published medical book. 1749 feuded with Charles over Grace Murray. 1751 married Molly Vazeille (with whom he had no children). 1753 nearly died from illness. 1771 separated from wife. 1777 started Arminian magazine. 1778 opened City Road chapel (London) 1784 ordained Methodist ministers for America. 1786 affirmed Methodists in England would remain Anglican. Died March 2, 1791. Buried City Road chapel in London.

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