Essential facts about Francis Schaeffer, as well as a very extensive reading list! 

Born January 30, 1912, in Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Only child. Father: tradesman. Attended Presbyterian. Childhood distinctions: active, intellectual. Both parents lived into his adulthood. 1929 intellect sparked by philosophy. 1930 born again. 1935 graduated Hampden-Sydney College (Virginia), July 26 married Edith Seville (with whom he had 3 daughters, one son, entered Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). 1937 helped found Faith Seminary (Delaware) for conservative Presbyterians. 1938 ordained minister, pastored Bible Presbyterian church in Grove City, Pennsylvania. 1943 pastored in St. Louis. 1948 moved to Switzerland as 'missionary'. 1951 'hayloft experience' renewed spirituality. 1955 founded L'Abri Fellowship. 1958 began L'Abri in England. 1968 first book The God Who Is There. 1978 diagnosed with cancer. 1979 began L'Abri in America. 1981 Christian Manifesto a best-seller. 1982 published Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer, A Christian Worldview. 1984 died May 15, in Rochester, Minnesota, where he is buried.

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          By Francis (many reprinted by Crossway):
(with Franky Schaeffer) Addicted to Mediocrity. Good News, 1981.                      PB
Art and the Bible.  InterVarsity, 1973.                                                                              PB
Ash Heap Lives. Norfolk
No Little People. InterVarsity.                                                                                            PB
Back to Freedom and Dignity.  InterVarsity.                                                                  PB
Basic Bible Studies. Tyndale.                                                                                                PB
A Christian Manifesto.  Crossway, 1982                                                                            PB
The Church at the End of the 20th Century. InterVarsity.                                        PB
The Church Before the Watching World.  InterVarsity.                                              PB
The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer. Crossway, 5 vol., 1985                    PB
Death in the City. InterVarsity.                                                                                            PB
Escape From Reason. InterVarsity Press, 1973.                                                            PB
Finished Work of Christ: The Truth of Romans 1-8. Crossway, 1998.                    HC
Francis Schaeffer Trilogy: The God Who Is There/Escape From Reason/         
     He Is There…  Crossway, 1990.                               
Genesis in Space and Time.  InterVarsity, 1972.                                                            PB
The God Who Is There.  InterVarsity, 1968.                                                                    PB
The Great Evangelical Disaster.  Good News, 1984.                                                    PB
He Is There & He Is Not Silent. Tyndale, 1980.                                                              PB
How Should We Then Live? Good News, 1983.                                                              PB
Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History.  InterVarsity.                                            PB
Joshua-Study Guide. InterVarsity.
(ed. Lane T. Dennis)
Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer. Good News, 1986.              PB
The Mark of a Christian.  InterVarsity, 1984.                                                                PB
The New Super Spirituality.  InterVarsity.
No Final Conflict.  InterVarsity.
Pollution and the Death of Man. Tyndale.                                                                      PB
True Spirituality.  Tyndale, 1979.                                                                                        PB
Two Contents, Two Realities.  InterVarsity.                                                                  PB
(with C. Everett Koop)
Whatever Happened to the Human Race?                         PB
(with Malcolm Muggeridge)
Who Is for Life?                                                                  PB
Who Is For Peace?                                                                                                                   PB
By Francis and Edith:
Everybody Can Know. Tyndale.                                                                                          PB
By Edith:
10 Things Parents Must Teach their Children. Baker, 1994.                                    PB
Affliction. Ravens Ridge, 1993.                                                                                            PB
Art Of Life. Good News, 1987.                                                                                              HC
A Celebration Of Marriage: Hopes and Realities. Baker, 1994.                              HC
Christianity is Jewish.Tyndale,1977.                                                                                PB
Common Sense Christian Living. Baker, 1997.                                                              PB
Dear Family: The L'Abri Family Letters, 1961-1986. San Francisco:                    PB
     Harper & Row, 1989.             
(with others)
Especially For A Woman. Thomas Nelson, 1994.                              HC
Hidden Art Of Homemaking. Tyndale,  1985.                                                                  PB
L'Abri. Crossway, revised 1992.                                                                                          PB
The Life of Prayer. Crossway, 1992.                                                                                  PB
Lifelines: the Ten Commandments for Today.                                                              PB
The Tapestry: The Life and Times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer.                        PB
     Word Books, 1981.
A Way of Seeing.                                                                                                                      PB
What is a Family? Baker, 1993.                                                                                          PB
With Love, Edith: The L'Abri Family Letters, 1948-1960. San Francisco:            PB
     Harper & Row, 1988.                 

Broomhall, Marshall, Jubilee Story of the China Inland Mission, 1915.
Broomhall, Marshall,
Martyred Missionaries of the China Inland Mission, 1901.
Burson, Scott and Jerry Walls,
C. S. Lewis & Francis Schaeffer: Lessons For A           PB
     New Century From The Most Influential Apologists of Our Time.
     Intervarsity, 1998.
Coalter, Milton J. and others, eds.,
The Mainstream Protestant 'Decline': the             PB
     Presbyterian Pattern. John Knox, 1991. 
Dennis, Lane T., ed., 
Francis Schaeffer: Portraits of the Man and His Message.        PB
Fodor's Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, 1998 edition.                    PB
Hart, D. G.,
Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of                         PB
     Conservative Protestantism in America.
Longfield, Bradley,
The Presbyterian Controversy: Fundamentalists, Modernists    PB
     and Moderates.  Oxford Univ., 1993.
Machen, J. Gresham.
Christianity and Liberalism. Eerdmans, 1923.                              PB
Parkhurst, Louis G., Jr.
Francis Schaeffer: the Man and His Work. Tyndale, 1985.    PB
Pennypacker, Samuel,
Settlement of Germantown, Pennsylvania, and the                  HC
     Beginning of German Emigration to America. Ayers, 1969.
Ruegsegger, Ronald W.,
Reflections on Francis Schaeffer.                                                  PB
Stonehouse, Ned,
J. Gresham Machen: a Biographical Memoir.                                        PB
Taylor, Mrs. Howard,
Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, 1919.
Wellman, Sam.
Francis and Edith Schaeffer. Barbour, 2000.

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