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Born February 24, 1902 in outskirts of London, England. Oldest of 2 sisters, 1 brother. Father: mailman. Parents lived well into her adult years. Raised in Anglican church. Schooling adequate. Childhood distinctions: play-acting and service. Never married. Went into 'service', attaining level of parlor maid in rich West End manors before being 'born again'. At 26 failed school of China Inland Mission. 1930 took train across Russia to China to help aging missionary Agnes Lawson found an inn. 1932 Mandarin appointed her 'foot -inspector', a job she used to evangelize villagers all over his province. Prison riot valor in 1933 cemented her reputation as holy person and miracle worker. Became known as 'Ai-weh-deh', Chinese for 'Virtuous One'. 1936 became Chinese citizen. 1940 wounded by Japanese soldiers, only months before she shepherded 100 orphans across mountains to safety. Nearly dead she 'recovered' to evangelize until Communists evicted her in late 1940's. The Small Woman won her fame in 1957, increased by inaccurate but popular movie version 'Inn of the Sixth Happiness'. Founded orphanage in 1958 in Taiwan, where she died January 3, 1970.

Please note that although 'Inn of the Sixth Happiness' is a well-produced, heartwarming movie starring the great actress Ingrid Bergman it was a thorn in the side of Gladys Aylward. She was deeply embarrassed by the movie because it was so full of inaccuracies. Hollywood also took great liberties with her infatuation with the Chinese Colonel Linnan, even changing him into an Eurasian. But Gladys, the most chaste of women, was horrified to learn the movie had portrayed her in 'love scenes'. She suffered greatly over what she considered her soiled reputation.

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